Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus: Theological Objections Vol. 2


Respectful, thoroughly documented answers to twenty-eight of the weightiest theological objections progressively reveal how belief in Jesus is deeply rooted in Jewish concepts and teaching.

“Jews don’t believe in the Trinity. We believe in one God, not three.”

“God doesn’t have a son.”

“Jews don’t believe in a suffering Messiah.”

In Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, volume 2, Michael Brown provides real answers to twenty-eight theological objections. He treats these objections seriously and fairly, building answers from the often surprising teachings in Rabbinic literature and the Hebrew Scriptures. As Brown’s answers progressively reveal, belief in Yeshua-Jesus-is not something alien to Jewish tradition but is profoundly rooted in that tradition, fulfilling its purpose.

“Michael Brown’s thinking is incisive and to the point. His ability to explain so that anyone can understand is amazing. He will surely be acclaimed as the new expert in Jewish Christian apologetics. I would be happy to recommend his much needed book to anyone.” -Moishe Rosen, founder, Jews for Jesus

“We desperately need this book!” -Sid Roth, founder and president, Messianic Vision

“Michael Brown’s work in the area of Jewish apologetics is the most thorough and penetrating I have seen. . . . This work will make a major contribution to the ongoing discussion and will, in fact, set the standard in the field.” -Richard Averbeck, associate professor, Old Testament and Semitic Languages, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


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