The Bread of Life Cured My Eating Disorder!


In this Jewish testimonial video, Dianne recounts how, after several traumatic events in her life left her with a emptiness she could not fill, the light of Yeshua makes her whole again.

Dianne grew up in a religious household, but while she and her family observed the Holidays, followed the Laws, and learned of the history of the Jewish people, there was always a major disconnect, where despite going through the motions, there was never a sense that any of what she learned or saw was true, just old stories.

Diane encounter a traumatic experience in High School, where she was sexually assault by who she thought were her close friends, leaving her with a deep-rooted fear of life, of men, and trust in others. She felt disgusted with herself, filling her with a burning rage and hatred that she couldn’t fully process. She experienced an intense hunger for something missing in her life, but she couldn’t understand what it was. She tried to satiate the hunger with sugar, becoming addicted to the point of physical pain.

Her search to fill the gap within her led her to Yoga and New Age teachings, gathering broken ideas to try and understand the concept of spirituality. But one day in the Yoga center, she heard a woman talking about having a relationship with God, and how she knew that God loved her personally.

“It was like a key, and everything fit together around the key. that’s what I was looking for. Instead of trying to piece together all these ideas and make something out of it. I wanted that connection, that peace she had.”

Dianne visited the women at her apartment, and they began talking, and she learned that what she was missing, was Yeshua. She had never thought about Jesus before, and yet the women explained that through him, she could find what was missing in her life.

“She said that, the definition of a Christian was ‘a person who was following Christ’. By that definition, you could be Catholic and not be a Christian, or you could be Jewish, and be a Christian.”

She prayed together with the woman, opening her heart and asking God to forgive her, but most importantly, asked for Yeshua to be with her. After leaving the woman’s apartment on the way to the bus, Dianne realized that Yeshua was with her in a way unlike anything she had experienced before. She began to read the Bible little by little, and noticed that, in between readings, other passages would come to mind, relating to something that was going on in her life.

“The Hebrew scriptures from the beginning all the way through prophesied of the Messiah, and Jesus fulfills these prophecies.

“This book has life in it, and it’s somehow hard to explain, but it somehow feeds me on the inside and fills me up, and I got answers to my prayers. It was more of an interaction; praying wasn’t something I just did, it was something like a relationship.”