A Jewish Doctor finds cure for the soul


In this Jewish testimonial video, Jewish doctor, Dr. Miller, explains how the emptiness he had developed by following doctrine alone was filled by the truth of Yeshua.

Dr. Miller grew up in a very traditional household; celebrating the Holidays, keeping the Mitzvot, attended a Jewish school, wore the kippah and tstitsiyot, but despite this, he never knew God. As he witnessed internal politics and bickering within his community, he always knew that something critical was missing. After his Bar Mitzvah, he continued to fulfill the ideal of the perfect Yiddishe boy, studying hard and being accepted to medical school at 16. But as time went on, he felt an emptiness grow inside him, that living up to a standard wasn’t going to make him a whole person, but he didn’t know what to do next.

One day, a fellow student came up to him, and asked if he knew Jesus.

“That was a total shock to me, because in our home, Jesus was like a curse word. All the gentiles and the so-called Christians, we thought they hated us. I thought the New Testament was an antisemitic book, teaching Christians how to hate the Jews.”

As the student explained how Jesus could take away his sin, Dr. Miller grew angry with him, he was no sinner, he didn’t need saving. But when the student mentioned how he could come to know God personally, Dr. Miller stopped, and became interested.

“Now that started to make a little sense with me, I wanted to have a relationship with God. But I certainly didn’t want it in this kind of way.”

After going back and forth for several hours, certain concepts came up that Dr. Miller began to understand; atonement and forgiveness. Over the next few weeks, another follower of Jesus, a girl began to talk with him, eventually persuading him to finally open the New testament. Nervously, he agreed, and what he found amazed him.

“I started to read about Yeshua, Jesus, and I was shocked to find he was Jewish, I didn’t know he was Jewish. I didn’t know the disciples were Jewish. I didn’t know the whole thing was Jewish.”

His eyes began to open and he realized that there was a barrier between himself and God.

“I’m not holy enough, I’m not righteous enough. And if that can be taken away, then maybe I’ll know God.”

He studied the prophecies, reading that the Messiah would be the Lamb of God, like Abraham offering up Isaac. He read Isaiah 53, that the Messiah would be put to death for our transgressions, and came to the conclusion that only Yeshua fit the prophecies. But Dr. Miller’s thoughts dwelled on what his family would think, and he began to weigh the costs of accepting Yeshua into his life. But nothing else mattered more to Dr. Miller than knowing God.

“And like Abraham Avinu, I started a walk of faith. and I said, ‘God, I’m looking to you to guide me, to lead me, and I want to follow you all my days.”

“And I knew that I had found the truth, and I knew that I was a completed Jew now.”