Ellis Goldstien tragically lost his entire family, but found eternal hope


In this Jewish testimonial video, Ellis Goldstien explains how, through the pain of losing both his daughter and his wife, he was saved, and found hope in Yeshua.

Ellis came from a Jewish family whose grandparents had emigrated from Eastern Europe, he grew up through Hebrew School, and at the time, was excited at the thought of learning more about the Jewish people. However, as time passed, he became aware that his schooling was really only focused on preparing him for his Bar Mitzvah, while no one within his congregation, friends, or family explaining the purpose behind it

“There was no understand of a relationship with God. It was just learning the rituals, learning Hebrew, but no connection with God at all.”

After graduating high school, Ellis went on to Penn State, where, over the course of five months, he and a friend from campus poured over portions of the Old Testament concerning the Messiah. At first, Ellis couldn’t see the importance of it all, but eventually, he made the connection that Jesus fulfilled all the old prophecies, and that he was the Messiah.

“And at that moment, I embraced him, and I knew I had to trust him as my Messiah. I was reading about the one that I had come to know, whereas for my Bar Mitzvah, I did not have that personal relationship with God.”

Ellis and his wife, Colleen, understood the importance of faith in Jesus, and made sure to teach their only daughter, Heather, that same faith. And just at the age of two-and-a-half, Heather came to understand what it meant to trust Jesus as her savior and Messiah, asking Jesus for herself to come into her heart. All throughout school, she was intelligent, loving, and insightful.

But on January 19th, 1994, Ellis received a phone call early in the morning, stating that someone had heard through a police scanner that a blue car was involved in a terrible crash. He quickly called the high school, who said that they have not seen Heather for her first two sessions of class. Ellis ran out to the garage and hit the button to open the door, and just as the door lifted up a couple feet, he saw something he would never forget.

“I watched a car pulling up into the driveway; it was the State police. And they come out and they told us—and he handed me Heather’s driver’s license—that she had been in a fatal car crash.”

Several years after the tragic loss of their daughter, Colleen began to experience issues with her throat, after being directed to a neurologist, she was told that she had developed ALS. The disease deteriorated to the point where she was unable to speak, then write, and then began to lose more and more of her body.

Her breathing became labored, and she was taken into hospice care, when Ellis asked when he would be able to pick her up, he received the grim answer; “She won’t be leaving.” At about 3:30 in the morning, Ellis was awoken by two nurses, telling him that Colleen had passed. He felt a loneliness beyond any description,

“When Heather died, I questioned God’s love for a long time. with Colleen’s death, not questioning God’s love. I know that He loves me and that He loved her. Still does. Colleen said this right after Heather had died; is that we knew, because she had trusted Jesus as her Messiah, that she was absolutely in the presence of God, because she had trusted Him as her personal savior. “

Ellis saw God’s divine love when He took Collen. In one instance, she was moved from her failing body, to beside the Lord; witnessing God’s grace and mercy in a way that he could not have expected.

“When you come to believe in Jesus as your Messiah, it’s not just about what’s taking place here on Earth, but those of use who believe that He is who He claimed to be, it means there is eternal life. “