Human trafficking lawyer needs saving


In this Jewish testimony, a Jewish lawyer who spent her life freeing children from the clutches of human trafficking felt powerless when her own child was in great danger during a complicated birth, but through Jesus, her fear and pain was transformed into hope and light.

She grew up in a Messianic Jewish household, and with her Grandfather’s legacy of not only surviving the Holocaust, but liberating the death camps as well, she always felt that it was very important to follower her Jewish Identity and to follow Yeshua.

“To me, being a Good Jew is you follow the Messiah of Israel, and you do what he says you’re supposed to do.”

She was always inspired by how “down in the dirt” Jesus’ ministry was, that he was not a major politician, nor a powerful warrior, but a healer of the downtrodden, focused on those without money or power. It was this inspiration that led the to pursue justice as a lawyer. While in Thailand, she was drawn to an organization which dealt with the issue of Human Trafficking, and for months on end, she worked with other social workers, tracking down revolting and dark footage of children abused and sold into slavery in an effort to deliver some measure of justice to those responsible.

But as time when on, and she found greater and greater success in the organization, she drifted away from God.

“When your life is going really well and you’re making lots of money, and your career is flying high, and you’re in a great relationship, and y’know everything’s going good, you don’t need God. What do you need God for?”

It was during her pregnancy that things rapidly changed. One minute, she was happily resting on the hospital bed, just about to turn over and fall asleep, but in the next, she was surrounded by doctors and nurses, desperately trying to keep her son’s heart rate up, as it had stopped before he was delivered. She heard someone slam their hand on the intercom, shouting about a ‘Code-C’.

“Looking up at the technician who put this mask on my face, I just said, ‘Please just save my baby. Please just save my baby.'”

When she came to, she was welcomed with the sight on her beautiful son, but the moment was cut short as the doctors immediately explained that he had a genetic disorder. She spent the next week in recovery alone and afraid, desperately wondering if he was going to be okay, feeling completely useless.

“I was in one of the darkest moments of my life. I felt so helpless, and I cried out to God. ‘God! What are you doing? Why did this happen to me? Where are you?”

It was then that she felt a presence of comfort wash over her, like a hand on her shoulder, “I’m here. This sucks, and it hurts, and I’m here.”

She realized that there are things beyond her control, that perhaps she never had control in the first place, and that fundamentally, she needed to rely on God in her life to accomplish the things beyond her scope.

“God gave me this child, and he came out of me and I had to give him right back. Like, here you go! Keep him alive, because I can’t!”

Five days later, she was allowed to leave the hospital with her son, every medical issue resolved and every malady healed from his body. In just one week, she learned that, throughout every dark moment in one’s life, through every horrific trauma one undergoes, that God is right there beside them.