I needed answers and God visited me!


In this Jewish testimonial video, Valerie describes how, amidst the darkest hours of her life, God found her, and revealed to her the Messiah’s love.

Valerie grew up very adherent to her Jewish identity, proudly wearing the Star of David and quick to explain to her gentile friends that should couldn’t attend Church with them. Despite her appearances however, she didn’t truly understand Judaism except for the fact that she wasn’t suppose to believe in Jesus.

Valerie became enamored with rock & roll, and at 18, she packed her bags and moved to London, hoping to become a part of the emerging rock culture. However, things took a sharp turn. New bands were too abundant to get noticed quickly, she wasn’t making any lasting friends, and her boyfriend at the time grew more and more abusive in their relationship. She desperately craved answers to the meaning of love and purpose for her life, and thought that her religion would give her the answers she sought. So she visited the local library and read several books on Judaism, trying to learn about God.

“I started reading about God and I read a lot about what I must do to please him. It was really quite frustrating and disturbing to me that what I was reading really didn’t show me a picture of a very loving God, but rather a picture of a God who demanded things of me.”

She felt empty and alone, unable to give any more of herself, and she wanted to be loved for who she was. She threw the books down, and kept to herself, entering a spiral of depression. Her relationship deteriorated even further, and the abuse got more and more intense. But through her dark period, both her brother and her friend shared with her that the only way to find happiness and joy back into her life was through turning to Jesus.

“Even though I wasn’t a religious Jew, there was no way that wanted to turn to this Jesus. I was a Jew and Jesus was not for the Jewish people.”

Eventually, things took a turn for the worst; her abusive boyfriend finally abandoned her, and she was fired from her band, eliminating the two most important things in her life in just one moment. One night, after a long party, she came home to her dark, empty apartment, and realized that she had entered the lowest point in her life.

“I had a choice: I could either cry myself to sleep, or pick up that Bible that my brother had given me a few years earlier and start reading it.”

She opened the Bible to Matthew: Chapter 1, and began reading the genealogy of Jesus, and made an astonishing discovery.

“I saw that Jesus was a Jew! Jesus was related to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, King David, and the list went on. I was completely blown away.”

She kept reading onwards, confident that, if Jesus is Jewish, then she would be able to trust what the pages were saying. The spirit of God came into her room, and for the first time, she saw a God who loved her. She wept, experiencing a peace that had never been present in her life before.

“I cried all night, but they weren’t tears of despair, they were tears of joy that God had come and visited me that night, and made it clear to me that Jesus was my Messiah, that I could trust him.”

The New Testament is a book of great love, about a man named Jesus who gave his life for others, and it is through the examples of his love, that Valerie decided to dedicate her life for him.