International drug-runner gets trapped by God’s love


In this Jewish testimonial video, a former drug-smuggler shares how Jesus the Messiah can rekindle old faith and turn a broken life to good, even when you’ve hit rock bottom.

With his parents fleeing to New York before the Holocaust, and the fear of antisemitism always on their mind, he grew up with a feeling of discord and paranoia. His family was secular at first, but after coming to Long Island, they felt it was their duty to become religious. Afraid that their son could face the same persecution they escaped, they forbid him from going to a public school, and instead, placed him in an Orthodox Yeshiva.

But the discord within his family proved to run too deep, and conflict arose every day, eventually leading to his mother and father to get a divorce. He moved in with his father, and eventually “graduated” from Judaism, leaving all the religious doctrine behind to pursue a new, carefree life through the Hippie movement. Dropping out of college, he and his girlfriend took a trip to Boulder, Colorado, a veritable Mecca for drugs and free love, and then came to the conclusion that, “why should I pay retail?” and began the process to become a dealer himself.

For several years, he, his now-wife, and two kids lived a double-life, caught between a legitimate real estate company, and a drug peddling side business. He kept to this lifestyle, even after a deal was compromised and he was arrested by the police at gunpoint, just barely avoiding federal charges. But things started to collide; he was asked on numerous occasions to import cocaine shipments from South America, serious marital problems erupted from he and his wife, and met had met another woman, Gloria. He decided enough was enough, and forsook his side-business, got a divorce, and left to be with Gloria, who had a myriad of problems of her own.

But it was a brutal car crash that flipped a switch in both of their minds, leaving them miraculously unharmed and aware that they both needed help. They joined a support group called, “Actualizations,” where on top of getting help with their substance and drinking issues, they were taught about God. As an atheist, he struggled with the teachings, but Gloria had gone back to a Baptist church, and one day, came home announcing that she had given her life to Jesus and was born again.

“You know what, I’m Jewish, and Jews don’t believe in Jesus, so that’s great for you, but don’t bother me.”

But at around the same time as he pushed his wife’s newfound faith aside, he had remembered that he was given a book about a specific chapter in the Bible, Isaiah 53, and being curious, he felt he had to read it for himself, coming to the realization that only one person fits the description the Jewish prophecies speak about—Jesus.

“At that point, I was starting to really struggle with my identity as being a Jew. What does that mean? Can I as a Jew believe in Jesus? That’s clearly the guide of the Christians.”

A few months later, he felt that he had to ‘reconnect’ with his Jewish identity during the High Holidays, but found himself disappointed with the various local synagogues, as they required you pay in advance for tickets. So he turned to the local Messianic Synagogue, taking his wife and a friend with him. And as they were driving home from the service, unbeknownst to his wife and their friend, he felt an overwhelming presence.

“And I just said, ‘God, I believe.’ And in that moment, I felt this peace that I had never felt in my life before. It just came into my heart, filled me up”

He drove home in silence, dropping their friend off without a word, and then said to his wife, “I did it. I received Yeshua.”