Dr. Jeffrey Seif, a Jewish police officer who found Jesus!


In this Jewish testimonial video, Dr. Jeffrey Seif, a Jewish police officer and college professor with two Doctorates, shares how Yeshua saw potential in him, and led him to pursue a life he never thought he’d live.

Jeffrey grew up in a strictly Jewish community. His mother and father had met in America after nuns smuggled his mother out from Nazi Germany. He attended a Jewish school in a Jewish neighborhood, and frankly, didn’t even realize at the time that there was anything but being Jewish. But one day, while walking home from school, he encountered two girls who called him a “Christ-killer”, marking his first encounter with antisemitism.

“I remember that vividly. I don’t know—I didn’t understand what Christians were all about.”

His parents sent him to a Yeshiva, and the strict doctrine caught him off-guard. Slowly, he drifted away from Judaism in search for self-discovery, and at 16, he ran away from home, hitchhiking a ride to California. A few weeks later, and he was in San Fransisco, center of the Hippie movement, meditating in a park.

“That’s when I got my first exposure to Christians that were okay. You know; they were nice, they were gracious, they’d give me a ride, they would want to give me a meal. I realized that there were Christian people out there that were kind of cool.”

Education is very important to the Jewish world, but to Jeffrey, it took a backseat. He drifted through high school, and getting that next high was the only thing really on his mind. But he encountered someone in Pennsylvania who would change his perspective, a man on the side of the street, with hair down to his waist. He hands Jeffrey a phamplet and says that he wants to talk to him about Jesus. Initially, Jeffrey declined saying that he was a Jew, and that he doesn’t believe in Jesus. But the man insisted, asking, “why not?” Jeffrey didn’t have an answer, and the man said to him, “You know, Jesus was a Jew, give it a second look.”

“And then he whips out a Bible and shows me stuff in there and I was just amazed.”

“When I discovered Israel’s Messiah and asked Yeshua—asked Jesus—into my heart, that mediated such life, such energy. This whole new starburst of enthusiasm, this new approach to life—whole new beginning there.”

His new beginning led him from his former life of drifting, to becoming a college professor, earning an Associate’s, a Bachelor’s, two Master’s, and two Doctoral degrees in quick succession. He later took a sabbatical from teaching to become a police officer, to give his time and service back to his community in Dallas.

“There’s lots of problems in this world, I want to be part of the cure.”

“Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart, and as much as God was gracious to see potential in me—not just problems, would it be that I’m more capable to see that in others, and would it be that we all were minded to discern what’s good and beautiful in people—not just what’s disappointing.”