Is there really only one way to God?


In this Jewish testimonial video, Steve recounts how a simple movie about Yeshua completely changed his previous secular life, and filled him with a burning love for God.

Steve grew up in a Reformed Jewish household, and was of the mindset that you were either a Jew, or you were a Christian. He never really knew much about the Bible, as despite his family celebrating the main Holidays like Yom Kippur, they weren’t very religious at all, mostly seeing their Jewishness as a cultural aspect. Steve felt so disconnect from God and religion in general, that after his Bar Mitzvah, he told his dad that he was done with Synagogue altogether, and wouldn’t attend any longer, his attention now dwelling on girls and dating.

But when he was 18, it was during a movie date that Steve found Yeshua for the first time during a movie called, “The Greatest Story Ever Told.”

“And I can’t tell you what happened, there were no bombs going off, no whistles, no anything! Nothing happened, except I walked about, and I believed that Yeshua, Jesus, was the Messiah.”

Before the movie, Steve never interacted with Christianity in the slightest; he had never met a Christian person, nor having anyone share their faith with him, and yet despite all this and his Jewish upbringing, he walked out of the theater a believer in Yeshua. He was filled with a great passion for God, to help other people to know God, to read the Bible, of which he had never opened before in his life.

“It was such a change in my spirit—in my mind and in my heart.”

He began by reading the book of John in the New Testament, and was left enamored by the love of Yeshua, how he taught to love your neighbor, to be able to give your own life for someone else. It touched him at his very core.

“I think one of the most difficult things to get over as a Jew is that’s there’s only one way to God. But as I started looking at scripture, and I realized that there was only one way in Egypt for the firstborn not to die, which was to put the blood of the Lamb over the doorpost; that’s equally unfair.”

Steve realized after reading through many such examples of this “one way” that there was indeed only one way to truly be atoned of your sins, the sacrifice of the final Lamb, Jesus.

“You have a father who loves you, but you have a second father who loves you even more, and you have to receive his love. So I want you to understand that Yeshua is the Messiah, because he is the way we get to the Father, and to share that love.”